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Tattoo Services
Whether you want a full sleeve, a cover up or a picture of an astronaut cowboy riding a unicorn, we've got you covered. Literally.
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Offering a wide rang of piercing services and tons of great jewelry to go with it. Licensed, sterile experienced piercers who get it done right.

How it works

Always welcoming walk-ins – Have an idea of what you want? Email us or bring in pictures of what you're looking for. Don’t really know what you want yet? No problem, the consultation helps you and the artist come up with a unique tattoo tailored to fit you.
Meet & Discuss
Meet your artist and discuss what you want. Artist will begin working on sketches and drawings – please note some larger tattoos may require a deposit to begin creating the drawing and design.
Review the drawings with your artist. Make changes, make suggestions and see how the artwork will fit on your body.



Set a Date
Set a date and time to get the tattoo and complete the release form – depending on the size and location of the tattoo it could take anywhere from 30 mins to several hours. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time before and after the tattoo to talk with your artist.
Tattoo Day
The day of the tattoo – Arrive early! You’ll need to complete the release form, show valid ID and pay for the tattoo. Be prepared by wearing comfortable clothing and eat a good meal before. Sit still and enjoy!
Bandaging and after care procedures. The artist will cover your tattoo and explain the after care process – how to take care of your tattoo in the first 48 hours and how to take care of it long term. Take a look at our FAQ section for more detailed instructions

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